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Gift and Call

 The gift of love n 1; compassion: DNG - God I can finish this job, 2 dr gift giving or a higher position which is lower KPD: he got - dr king;

 Call n 1 appeal; solicitation; invitation: azan is ~ for the Muslims to perform salat; 2 things (deeds, how) call; 3 (people) who are called to work, etc.: mechanic ~, 4 attributes: ~ day-to-day Flattened;
Heart ~ soul call; ~ living liver tendency to do a job, etc.; ~ soul calling

 So literally meaning "Gift and Calling":
gift or grace of God"s love to man / person as an invitation / invitation to work in his field.

 Want to know what exactly is the gift and your calling?
Gift and Calling Seminar can help in tracing the gift and your calls. So by joining as a MEMBER in our web:, then you have the opportunity to browse the gift and your calls.

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We also opened the door for your categorical groups (youth, environment, region, parish, etc.) who want to hold seminars tsb.


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